Carli Lloyd's Setting Course

Carli Lloyd's Setting Course

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Meet your new coach, teammate and friend, Carli Lloyd.

This course covers Carli's journey through the sport - from her first time picking up a volleyball, becoming the NCAA player of the year, and the lessons she has learned from competing overseas and with Team USA. She also interviews some of the top setters from both the men's and women's side to share their perspective on the game in different skills that pertain to setting.

So here’s what you’ll get:

Over 58 Minutes of film to study and analyze, empowering with more clarity and confidence to achieve your goals, faster.

Day 1: The setters hands - Argued by many as the most important single piece to setting.
Day 2: The “ready for anything” posture - The importance of working from the ground up.
Day 3: A setter's vision - Training our eyes so we can make great game-time decisions.
Day 4: Why jump setting makes our team better - How to train it and all the ways it can add more value to your team’s offense.
Day 5: Having an offensive mindset - Become a threat to open up more space for your attackers!
Day 6: Squaring up - The biggest mistake young setters make and how to fix it
Day 7: Dominating the game within - Cultivating a relentless and gritty mindset to lead your team in every situation.

You’ll be ready to absorb all the information by video, broken up into 7 videos on the website, allowing you to implement, assess, come back and compare yourself. There are no drills in this course.

Carli's accomplishments in volleyball:

🏆🇮🇹 Italian League Champ
🏆🇮🇹 2x Italian Super Cup Champ
🏆🇮🇹 Coppa Champ
🏆🇹🇷 Turkish Cup Champ
🏆🇧🇷 Brazil Cup Champ
🏆1x Cev Cup Champ
🏆1x Champions League Champ
🥉Olympic Bronze Medalist
🥇VNL Champ
🥇Pan Am Games Champ & Best Setter & MVP
🥇Pan Am Cup Champ & Best Setter

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amirul Haziq
Eye opening

I purchased this course hoping that it would help me and it did. Watching this setting course really helped me not only as a setter but also helped me as a player overall. It really thought me the things that I didnt know and really opened my initial view in the court. It takes understanding the court to a different level. Overall if you are a setter or not I would recommend this course to help with your game sense.

Great course

I purchased this for my teen daughter who is very involved with volleyball. She learns by watching as well as practicing, and the ideas were great. To some, they may seem very small or not that impactful, but each small tweak made a substantial difference to her. Coaches often tell kids what they did wrong, or what they should have done, but understanding the bigger picture or overall concept is a way that my daughter improves most in all her sports. Thanks for doing this.

Nikolas Nunez

I purchased this for my daughter, who after an international tournament and watching our setters, wanted to learn techniques, movements, etc, etc, in order to aspire to reach a higher level within the game. Within moments of showing her the first video, she started to think of ways of making her game better and analyse her game. Thank you so much.

Coach W

As a coach I enjoyed the pace, information and subtle details that can be applied immediately by a player or a coach helping youngsters improve in their technique and craft. Well done.

David Dyess

From what I saw of it I liked of course I bought for one of our granddaughters. She was setting but they’ve moved her to Outside Hitter. I have another granddaughter that is a freshman OH for Ole Miss. She has a 10-4” vertical leap!