What is the Spiker Academy?

What is the Spiker Academy? 

Designed by players for players, the Spiker Academy is the premier online community for any outside hitter or opposite attacker seeking to elevate their game. 

The Spiker Academy is not just content you can access from anywhere; it's a comprehensive platform tailored to nurture and develop the skills of pin attackers – outside hitters or opposites – aiming to transform them into the best versions of themselves.


A Community Crafted with Experience and Excellence

At the heart of the Spiker Academy is a commitment to excellence. We've meticulously curated a team of the world's best professional, national-team, and Olympic-Gold Medal winning players and coaches, masters of their crafts, to guide you through your volleyball journey. Their expertise is not just theoretical – it's practical, battle-tested, and ready to be imparted to the next generation of players.

You can get a quick glimpse of the quality of what we provide through the Academy with the Free Spiker Guide:

Inside the Academy is so much more, tailored to your needs. 

For example, are you a smaller outside hitter? We brought in arguably the best undersized outside receiver and player in the world, Jan Martínez Franchi from Argentina. He shares with you directly how he sees the game, how he trains and plays, and what he does to bring his strengths to the court while finding the best solutions in attack. 

More Than Just Training

What sets the Spiker Academy apart is its holistic approach to learning. We offer full-length courses, clinics, videos, lessons, drills, webinars, guides, and priority access to our in-person clinics. Our content covers every facet of the game. Whether you're looking to refine your serve, improve your defensive skills, master the art of spiking, or level up your mental and emotional fortitude, our academy has something to help you gain every edge.

Want to bring it from the service line? 

We brought in THE NCAA record holder and 5-year pro Nicolas Szerszeń to share all his tips on how to be a nightmare for the other team when you step back behind the line. 

AND we just released a new Arm Swing Velocity Course from ex-Canadian National Team Pro Nick Del Bianco. Guaranteed to add speed and power to your attack and serve, and help keep your shoulder healthy for the long-term. 

We know we can help you add power and deadly variation to your service and attacking game. 

Continuously Growing and Evolving

The world of volleyball is always evolving, and so is the Spiker Academy. With over 14 courses currently available, we are continuously expanding our library, adding new content each month to ensure our members stay at the forefront of the game. Our goal is to keep you engaged, challenged, and constantly learning, no matter your skill level.

The current courses in the Academy include: 

  • 3 Different Passing Courses!
  • Digging Course by Dustin Watten
  • High Ball Solutions 
  • Blocking More
  • Jump Serve Course 
  • Nico’s Lab and Nico’s Clinic
  • Tip to Score - The New Era of Tipping
  • Visualization Course
  • Jan Martinez Clinic (undersized Outside Hitters)
  • Japanese Ball Control with Taichi Kawaguchi
  • Attack IQ with Cody Kessel 
  • Nick Del Bianco's Arm Swing Velocity Course


Direct Access to Expertise

Membership in the Spiker Academy opens the door to an exclusive feature: the Sideout Legends Forum. This platform allows you to connect directly with Cody Kessel for personalized guidance. Whether you're posting form checks, asking questions, or seeking advice on your volleyball journey, the forum is your direct line to the insights and encouragement you need.

Cody was an All-American at Princeton University, climbed the ranks overseas, and has gone on to win six titles in Germany with Champions League regular Berlin Recycling Volleys. He took the long road to the National Team, fulfilling his dream of representing the red, white, and blue at the highest level, making his first start at age 30. In his clinic you can watch in the Academy right now, he opens the curtain on 9- years of professional experience to help your Attacking IQ in every situation. 

Join Our Community

We're more than just an academy; we're a team of passionate players and coaches dedicated to the success of each member. If you're ready to take your game to the next level, check out the Spiker Academy. Should you have any questions or need further information, feel free to direct message me. 

Your journey to becoming the best player you can be starts here, and we're excited to be a part of it.

Get a taste of everything the Spiker Academy has to offer now by getting the Free Spiker Guide or sign up now to get immediate access to ALL the content and the forum: 

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